Balance Diet And Oral Health Connection

Having a beautiful smile, protecting teeth and gums against bacteria and prevent tooth decay begins from the table. The type of food and how we eat is an essential to keep away from certain oral problems such as deterioration of the enamel, gum recession, and bad breath. And it is that as important as following proper oral hygiene. Certain nutrients, such as vitamins, calcium, and fluoride will make you stay healthy longer. One of the best friends in our diet is vegetables and fruit - the raw are better.

Some Risk Factors

The snuff, stress, excess sugar or carbonated drinks are some of the factors that threaten our oral health and multiply oral problems.

Importance of balanced diet

A healthy and balanced diet is the starting point for the protection of your teeth and gums. Besides a hygiene (brushing teeth after every meal, flossing) and periodic checks, food plays a pivotal role in preventing tooth decay, loss of teeth enamel and health of your gums, among other problems. We are what we eat, and follow a healthy and balanced diet is also the basic premise to keep a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth.

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To protect soft gum tissues, and strengthen the teeth and gums against bacteria, one of the foods that present itself as a good friend are vegetables. Either you prepared or use as a raw, in both way vegetables provide benefits. Such as

· Eating raw vegetables like celery, carrots reinforce the gums

· With the simple act of chewing improves blood circulation and prevents bacteria from adhering to the teeth remain.

· A good way to include raw vegetables in the diet is serving as dishes

· Works as a substitute for bread.


Certain nutrients are essential to maintain the health of our mouth. Fluoride is a mineral essential for strengthening tooth enamel and preventing tooth decay. Fluoride found in foods such as spinach, carrots, apples, oats or rye bread.


If the soft gum tissues are damaged, your teeth more vulnerable to caries or plaque. If you have a calcium deficiency, this problem may also occur, and also very common among pregnant women. To maintain calcium levels, opt for dairy and fish, a good source of vitamins, also another fundamental element in our diet.


Vitamins, especially Vitamin C, is the best remedy to avoid oral problems as often as gum recession and to protect the gums from bleeding problems. A good source of vitamins are spinach, whose beneficial effects can be multiplied if combined with oranges and nuts.


Sugar, specifically harmful foods rich in sugars, cannot be a good companion of your oral health. Moderate consumption and taking sweets as part of the menu is the first step. Moreover, if you dilute sugar with other things like milk, is less harmful to the teeth. If you opt it between meals like a snack, it is better to eat a piece of apple, to resort to sweets or pastries.


Finally, to complete a healthy diet, herbal teas, such as chamomile, help prevent dry mouth during sleep. Other plants, such as sage and aloe Vera also an excellent remedy for dry mouth, especially during sleep, and bad breath. While aloe vera present in many toothpastes, is a good antiseptic for bleeding or inflamed gums.

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