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How Common Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

The carpal tunnel is the small boney tunnel which the median nerve passes from the wrist to the hand on the palm side along with numerous tendons and blood vessels. Here you will read more about Active Release Chiropractic Denver CO. According the the medical definition it is when the traverse ligament compresses the median nerve that a person will get carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) giving rise to the these signs and symptoms.​

  • numbness,
  • tingling,
  • pins and needles,
  • weakness,
  • burning,
  • drop things easily

3 in 100 people will suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. With certain medical conditions there is an increased risk of getting CTS, these include diabetes and underactive thyroid and also during pregnancy where there is increased fluid retention particularly at wrists and feet.

How does it happen?

The syndrome is usually caused by tasks which are repetitive in nature such computer work, sewing, gripping involving the forearm and wrist muscles which leads chronic irritation of soft tissue structures (Muscles, Ligaments, Nerves and tendons) which over time will cause scar tissue formation and the possibility of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.​

Traditional medical treatments approaches tend to focus primarily on only the carpel tunnel which can lead to poor results particularly in the in the long term. This include painkillers, splints, corticosteroid injections and surgery.​

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It is important to understand the median nerve travels all the way from the neck through the shoulder, arm, forearm and wrist where it supplies sensation and muscle strength to certain areas of the hand. There are in fact many structures in the upper body where nerve entrapment/s can ocur that can cause symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.​

How to treat Carpel Tunnel Syndrome?

For treatment, we need to check all the nerve entrapment allowing us to find the true cause(s) of your carpal tunnel syndrome, giving you a highly accurate diagnosis and a clear treatment plan including ART, Stretching and postural advice all to ensure you make a full recovery.

ART is suitable for patients that have had previous carpal tunnel surgery whether successful or not.

Active Release Techniques has a very high success rate in helping patients with nerve entrapments condition such Carpal Tunnel Syndrome because it helps to locate, remove and break up scar tissue in and around the nerve(s) involved allowing them to move freely without compression or trapping. So there are no painkillers, splints or surgery.

On average with six sessions of ART 90% of patients with carpal tunnel syndrome are symptom free

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